1. Hand Pass
    This is a wonderful option for events for cocktail parties. Instead of a formal buffet or sit down dinner, our experienced and knowledgable servers will serve your guests a variety of appetizers that will fit your events theme.
  2. Self Serve Buffet
    Our self serve buffet option is perfect for casual events or at home dinner parties. We use disposable buffet chafing ware for easy set up and clean up.
  3. Full Service Buffet / Carvers
    Give your guests the full experience with our full service buffet and carvers option. Our servers will be behind the buffet station in order to serve your guests and offer them a full explanation of each dish.
  4. On Site Cooking
    If you would like an interactive experience between the Chef and your guests, our on site cooking option is for you. We will go to your home and prepare all food in the comfort of your kitchen.
  5. Cooking Parties
    Cooking parties are wonderful for couples, girls night, clubs, or an anniversary. We will teach you how to make delicious meals that you can duplicate on your own at a later time.
  6. Lighting / Sound
    Broken Dish has partnered with for your lighting and sound needs.